Friday, December 4, 2009

Topeo Craft Gallery in New Hope PA a Winter Wonderland for Holiday Shopping

Topeo Gallery opened in 1980 and has a reputation as one of the best craft galleries in the country. In 2001, the owners opened a second gallery just down the block, Topeo South, featuring even more American artists.

If you've already familiar with New Hope PA, Topeo is located across the street from Mother's Restaurant, and its brilliantly lit windows are filled with spectacular art glass sculptures, lamps and bowls .

It's the kind of place that grabs your eye, and you see the swirling mix of light and color, and you realize that some of those big beautiful pieces are worth more than your weekly salary, and think, "maybe I'll look in the window for a sec, and move on."

My advice: don't.

Not if you're looking for an affordable, yet classy holiday gift, a gorgeous ornament for your Christmas tree or table, or just want to see the beauty of hand crafted glass, much by local artists.

Prices started around $6-8 for small items, and many were in the $10-20 range, as well as $20-30, and up. The larger glass pieces are obviously to die for; the jewelry selection tasteful and extensive. Holiday decor was understated and fit well with the glimmering glass all about.

Walter Hazzard and Andre Marin run the place -- they're soft-spoken, friendly, wry and engaging. They've put together an award winning gallery that helps keep New Hope PA at the forefront of the American craft movement.

Topeo Gallery is located at 35 North Main Street in New Hope PA, 215-862-2750; open daily 10-6, Saturday 10-7.

Don't pass it by this Holiday season.

Here's Andre and Walter in my awful out of focus but spontaneous photo. Topeo -- a New Hope PA original.

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  1. As a local, Topeo remains one of my favorite shops anywhere. I just love it. In fact, this serves as a reminder, that I've still holiday shopping to do, and I might just stop by this weekend.

    Thank you.