Friday, October 15, 2010

New Hope / Solbury School Administrators Keep Sending Buses Over Deteriorating Ferry Street Bridge

Look at the pictures, and decide for yourself if you want the New Hope-Solebury or Solebury School student in your family bussed over a bridge the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources says is "deteriorating" and in such "poor condition" that it needs to be completely replaced, but keeps at the same posted weight limit as when built 50 years ago -- 20 tons.

Two parallel roads, feet away, would cost no extra time or money to use, and provide a safe detour until work by the DCNR starts next year.  David Hansel, Director of Operations for NH-S Schools, determines which streets buses travel upon, and could change the route with a snap of his fingers, but won't.   His phone number 215-862-8183.

If the pictures concern you, ask the school administration if they visited the bridge and and can guarantee it's safe for your kids.  Superintendent Ray Bocutti's phone is 215-862-5372 ext. 6226, if you want to go to the top and he's not traveling. 

If you can, go take a look for yourself.  The open sidewalk isn't even safe anymore.

The engineers seem gagged, the State won't respond to the photos below, and the NH-S Administration has expressed no concern or interest so far over the level of risk to our children.

Decide for yourself.

Me?  I'm driving my kid to school for now.

School bus maneuvers around seemingly stunned and stopped car carrier on Ferry St. bridge in New Hope, PA.

One of two completely corroded supports beneath the wheels of the bus.

Broken roadbed. The PA DCNR admits the roadbed is "rusting".

Support, or lack thereof, under still-open sidewalk. The DCNR didn't know about this when asked.

Main supporting beam under school bus pictured above.

Another primary supporting beam.

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