Sunday, February 13, 2011

St. Martin of Tours Church in New Hope may close school

 By Charlie Sahner

Rumors are flying among parents of children enrolled at St. Martin of Tours School in New Hope that the institution is closing.

St. Martin of Tours School is a private Catholic elementary school serving students of all denominations from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.

Some speculate that low enrollment may be the cause.  Other parents are wondering how a potential closure might affect enrollment figures at New Hope-Solebury schools, although several parents have said on a popular local Facebook site that they would move their children to other area Catholic schools if necessary.

School teachers and staff there seem well-liked by students and parents, some of whom say they are still fighting to keep the school open.

A church spokesperson contacted Sunday confirmed the move was under consideration, but said, "The final word will come from the Cardinal within two weeks."


  1. from what I understand, the school has good enrollment, does not cost the diosese anything, the parents are very involved, the test scores are above average..........then why??? Father does not want to deal with a school. Another failure by the Catholic Church to support the education our kids sorely need...

  2. I am one of the students. It's summer now and Saint Martins is closed. Saint Martins was a home to me. The faculty was like my family. It's close to the time to go back to school and I recently got excited that I was going back to Saint Martins to see all my friends again and teachers that I love because I feel so comfortable there.. then I realized, I'm not going back.