Monday, April 23, 2012

Nina's Waffles of New Hope teams up with oWowCow Ice Cream to create irresistible treat

"Cakes" from Nina's Waffles (Photo:Charlie Sahner)

By Charlie Sahner

I've never liked waffles. I know everyone seems to love them, especially piled high with berries and whipped cream, but not me. That is until I tried one made by Shawn "Cakes" Lawson from a family recipe belonging to Louis Zanias, whom everyone thinks is French but is really Belgian, and who owns half of West Mechanic Street, and was reputedly in the running to buy yet another Main Street eatery aside from his existing Karla's and Zoubi restauants.

But back to Cakes' waffles, the ones that he and Louis wholesale from New Hope to the Jersey Shore: They are nothing short of miraculous. Dense and multi-layered, they make every other waffle seem an air-puffed, frozen imitation. The pearlized sugar running throughout pushes them over the top. Morning, noon, or night, they reign supreme.

Of course, that wasn't enough for the maniacs at Zoubi Cakes and Catering, who have now decided to team up with oWowCow Creamery. For those uninitiated, oWowCow is completely over-the-top ice cream from beautiful Ottsville, where Route 413 is called '412' or Durham Road. The frozen confection is creamy and gooey, using local milk and eggs, with intense natural flavorings. I tried the Madagascar Vanilla, Garden Berries and Chai Tea ice cream varieties and, quite frankly, they were sick. I'm in trouble; I'm arranging direct deposit. I haven't tried the waffles and ice cream together yet, but I'm steeling myself for the moment.

For right now, Nina's Waffles & Cream will open at around noon from Thursday to Sunday, and will stay open late on Friday and Saturday, according to Lawson. The official grand opening is scheduled for May 20.

Zoubi Cakes and Nina's are at 29 W. Mechanic St. near New Street; 215-862-1660.

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