Friday, May 25, 2012

"The Deco Guys" of New Hope, PA (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

By Charlie Sahner

The retail sector has been among the hardest hit, as many of us are all too aware. But despite the intensifying pressure to survive brought about by the financial crisis, rise of the Internet and higher gas prices, some local businesses are sensing a turn and betting on a rebound.

Cockamamie's is one of them. A New Hope retail landmark for nearly 16 years, the Art Deco furniture, lighting and collectibles emporium located at 15 N. Main St. has rented 13 N. Main St. next door, virtually doubling the size of their selling space starting Memorial Day weekend.

Said Co-Owner John Dwyer of the addition, "We love the window space offered by the store. We've got a ton of great pieces that are sitting in storage, and this is a chance to showcase some of the more grand and eye-catching examples."

Dwyer and partner Herb Millman, sometimes referred to as the "Deco Guys", are authors of two books, "Art Deco Lighting" and "Popular Art Deco Lighting, Shades of the Past", and have appeared as lighting experts for QVC.

Said Millman of the expansion amid an uncertain economic backdrop, "We couldn't make it without the support of our long-time customers. It's their loyalty and the 'word-of-mouth' advertising they create that support our business.

"We're also betting on a New Hope renaissance centered around the restoration of the Bucks County Playhouse," he continued. And he's not the only one.

Of course, none of us have a crystal ball, but a retail expansion by an established name on what was once the premier shopping block in New Hope is a sign of renewal, optimism, and just plain chutzpah.

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