Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Movie Makeup Artist to Unveil New Hope PA Locale

By Charlie Sahner

Now this could get interesting.

What I thought was going to be just another makeup/cosmetics/beauty store looks like it may become a unique phenomenon in the New Hope merchant biosphere.

First off: owner Delia De Cock has been a makeup artist for fashion, theater, TV, and has headed makeup departments for movies, which means she can retail regular cosmetics and offer beauty services to the general public with some authority.

What becomes intriguing is that she's also done special effects in films and is versed in permanent makeup, also known as "medical tattooing." That translates into tattooed, flawless looking eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrows that last for years, and also masking scars.

But De Cock can also make scars. Phony ones, thankfully, along with fantasy and aging makeup, facial and body hair simulation, prosthetics and a range of other exotic specialties borne of her special effects and character makeup training. And she'll offer all of these theatrical supplies and services to the public and professionals alike.

Being a block or two away from the Bucks County Playhouse and driving distance to other regional theaters should also boost De Cock's business prospects.

Although where De Cock might really rock is around Halloween time, and also doing drag.

A musician and fencer in her spare time, she turns out to have a friendly, flexible, down-to-earth personality, and has a cute family going, despite the edgy, fashion-savvy exterior.

Coming in a couple of weeks to 17 West Mechanic Street.

Any suggestions for a catchy name?


  1. what are the hours?

  2. Here are the hours for Delia's Makeup and Theatrical Supplies on 17 W. Mechanic Street New Hope, PA 18938 ... Wednesday-Monday (closed Tuesday) 11-7:00 . website is