Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking it to the Streets: Zoubi This Week Unveils New Sandwich Lineup Named for Famed New Hope Highways and Byways

By Charlie Sahner

I'll take a Kiltie Drive, and go heavy on the humus please!

Zoubi, the famed West Mechanic Street culinary conglomerate comprised of restaurant, patisserie, and take-out elements, is evolving yet again, particularly in the Zoubi Food store at the corner of New Street.

With fans aplenty for its savory standbys like raucus rubbed ribs, irresistible iron grilled shrimp, heavenly pastries, and handmade ice cream, this take-out lover's paradise is boosting its lunch menu with new panini, salads and a sandwich menu inspired by New Hope's famed thoroughfares.

So now you can order a Bridge Street (pate compagne with cornichons, mustard, chutney, onion and greens on baguette), Riverwoods Drive (white tuna salad on croissant), or the outrageous New Street (peanut butter and bacon on white toast with fig jam).

Zoubi will also offer new hoagies, grinders and other lunch specialties, along with free local delivery with a minimum $20 order (a move that will extend their sales range to merchants and businesses at, for example, nearby Union Square and beyond)

Says head honcho and pastry chef extraordinaire Shawn "Cakes" Lawson, "We're always trying new things and adapting to meet the needs of the community."

At around $6.00 a pop, the new sandwich selection should deliver even more Zoubi bang for the buck.

But do the sandwiches match the personalities of their asphalt namesakes? You can decide.

Meanwhile, I'll have a Route 202 (old fashioned meatball sandwich).

New and W. Mechanic Streets, 215-862-1156.

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