Monday, August 24, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust: Bye Bye, Bois

Today's Times of Trenton asserts that "Lambertville [is] overtaking New Hope as an art center."

Says the Times: "Today, while New Hope has branded itself an entertainment and restaurant center for tourists, it is Lambertville -- with more than 35 galleries and art dealers -- that has become a destination for art collectors and patrons while the number of galleries in New Hope has dwindled. Twelve years ago, New Hope had 13; today, there are seven with two scheduled to close by fall."

Full story:

In reality, if one is only looking at the total number of galleries, Lambertville might "win" the contest. But usually "art center" implies more than that; it is a place where artists live and produce work.

So, the true art center will be the first town that builds affordable artists' studio spaces, encourages artists to live and work there, and offers classes and education in the arts.

Not just tired oil paintings of covered red bridges and barns, and winter impressionist landscapes in hues of lavender and mango. Fact is, New Hope has the edge when it comes to crafts, live music, tattoo art, and sculpture.

Bottom line, New Hope PA and Lambertville NJ don't need to compete, they need to cooperate.

New Hope and Lambertville: A River Runs Through It.

Think Ill trademark that.

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