Thursday, August 6, 2009

2:30 p.m.: Car Accident at Entrance to Village 2

A single car accident occurred in New Hope PA today as a four door blue car struck the guardrail at the bottom of Oscar Hammerstein Way where it meets W. Mechanic Street. Some smoke emerged from the engine, so the Fire Department was called out. The female victim was the driver of the vehicle with no passengers present. She was 36, breathing, initially unconscious (author provided first aid and assessment at scene to EMS operator via mobile phone), no air bag was deployed, and the car had impacted frontally.

The driver regained consciousness after about two minutes, complaining of pain in her chest, shoulder, and sternum area, probably from the impact with the steering wheel. The police came and took over, the mustached officer in charge looking nervous. He wouldn't let me help get the driver's door open ("that's another department" he has to call) and kept asking me to step away from his glocky aura, although I was providing first aid at the time. Much more concerned with controlling the scene than comforting or attending to the victim. The Chief arrived, stoic and uncommunicative.

The local neighbors were great in directing traffic and keeping the victim calm. The Fire Department was terrific as always. Oh well, two out of three...

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