Friday, August 21, 2009

New Hope PA to Crack Down on Hordes of Terrifying Motorcycle Riders

Is cracking down on New Hope, PA visitors that ride motorcycles such a great idea?

Tourist traffic in the Borough is down more than 50%, and discriminating against all bikers, instead of the selfish few, does not seem helpful at first glance to visitors, merchants, or residents.

Many residents moved to New Hope knowing that it's a noisy place. Having more than 25 liquor licensed establishments, live music nearly every night, numerous street events, and summer tourist traffic is a plus to some people, a negative to others, and often a mixed experience for residents.

It's easy to sympathize with residents' noise sensitivities. Citizens certainly have the right to pursue their lives in peace. But so do those who choose to travel on a two-wheeled vehicle rather than a four-wheeled one.

And, frankly, the construction noise in recent years from unfettered real estate development in New Hope has easily exceeded the noise level from any motorcycle-related activities.

New Hope Borough Council has done enough already to harm the underlying economic base of the town. They tax businesses, employees, and residents at a high rate and in recent years went on a spending spree fueled by aggressive ticketing practices and parking meter revenue.

In fact, many parking meters do not appear to function well, and complaints of overcharging are rampant. Police have been known for ticketing vehicles for being merely an inch too far from a curb or over a fading line.

New Hope Borough Council might consider focusing on creating jobs and tolerance, instead of "cracking down" on anyone but themselves for not properly managing New Hope's economy and for making visitors feel unwelcome.

And if you're in New Hope PA and see a car, bike or truck making too much noise idling in traffic, snap a photo with their license plate and we'll post it on the Web and help you complain.


  1. South Main street is the area of town where most bikers congregate.This is where those with illegal pipes let the world know they are present.Pedsetrians are forced to experience this "sonic bullying" and struggle to walk on very narrow side walks.Do away with parking on South Main from the Information center to the Christmas shop.Widen the sidewalk and become pedsestrian friendly.I am sure there could be a couple of bays for handicap parking.

  2. I know...lets discourage people from visiting New Hope! yes! lets make it just like Disnyland, or better yet, Newtown! (no offence newtown)! after all people DON'T visit New Hope for the unique nature of the town right?! The bikes havn't been coming here for 20 years have they?
    I have had bikers tell me they are NEVER coming to New Hope again because of how they were treated...bikers driving $30,000.00 bikes, bye bye money...

  3. Nobody is discouraging bikers - just have them park in a less concentrated manner.There is a tendency to leave on mass and those with illegal pipes create a problem.If they are bringing so much money to town ,encourage them to park at the High School then they can spend their money as they pass the galleries and shops on their way to the bars on South Main Street.