Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creepy Cuties by Queen Morbid

Local gonzo artist and photographer Queen Morbid has her latest line of disturbing and twisted dolls currently on display at craft gallery Mechanic Street Mugs, 10 W. Mechanic St., New Hope PA.

They are well-made, original and decidedly creepy. Only in New Hope!


  1. Very Cool Dolls.
    Nightmare Before New Hope Dolls!

  2. Queen Morbid has the best creepy dolls anywhere!!!
    Greg @ TearDrop Memories

  3. These dolls rock!!
    Truly one of a kind,,I would love to collect these babies,,not for the squemish,,
    You must see these ,,and the owner of the shop couldn't be any nicer,,great gifts as well..

  4. I bought one of these yesterday... I love her! Beautiful work, and the prices are really reasonable...

    As noted by "Anon" above, the shop owner is absolutely charming, and so is his dog.