Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things Not to Do in Lenape ("The Quarry") Park in New Hope PA

An expensive-looking sign tells visitors what not to do in controversial Lenape Park on Ferry Street in New Hope PA.

Along with no pets, smoking, or evening strolls, the treeless, virtually grassless rock pile of a park provides little in the way of family fun. No swings for kids; this is a park made for speeches at the gazebo by local politicos, not recreation or communing with nature.

Estimated cost of this taxpayer-paid boondoggle? Rumor has it in excess of $600,000, but who knows? One local who saw the initial plans said the goldfish pond alone cost more than $32,000.

Money that could have been spent on strengthening the local economy, creating jobs, and helping support local art.

Any guesses on what that overbuilt, tax-wasting sign cost?

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