Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Hope PA Store Owner Feels the Heat for Being Honest

The owner of a God Save the Qweens, a punk themed clothing emporium on West Mechanic Street in New Hope PA, had the courage to speak the truth and is taking some heat from local bigwigs who accused her of the apparently unforgivable sin of "being negative."

What store owner Michelle, who has a local reputation for candor (along with a penchant for frequently-changing hair color themes) has been chastised for is having the nerve to poke fun at New Hope's parking problem by creating a humorous t-shirt that is selling at an apparently brisk pace.

It is rumored that complainers include a member of New Hope's Borough Council and another individual associated with the local Chamber of Commerce. Never mind that some of these critics voted recently to spend a rumored $45,000 for a "study" of the very parking problem whose existence they might like to deny.

Meanwhile, Michelle seems above it all, happy to have created something that visitors to New Hope are identifying with, and buying, in a big way.

God Save the Qweens is located at 13 West Mechanic Street in downtown New Hope PA, 215-862-2696.

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