Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Hope PA Food King Louis Expands Empire Further West with New Bakery

By Charlie Sahner

Louis Zanias, owner of popular New Hope PA restaurants Karla's and Zoubi on West Mechanic Street, several months ago opened a catering/bakery operation and has now apparently been approved to open a full retail bakery at an adjacent location he owns at the corner of New and Mechanic Streets.

Of course, New Hope PA already has an eat-in French bakery (not that Louis is French or the new bakery has seating) further north by the river, but a high quality bakery of any type would be welcome in this particular section of town, not far from new (albeit unsold) housing, parking, Village II and stereotypically doughnut seeking law enforcement personnel.

Louis is a cunning businessman and landowner who's not afraid to play hardball in expanding his empire, in this author's view.

He is also smart, and a new bakery is good news for New Hope.

(above: existing cake/catering operation)

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