Monday, January 4, 2010

Public Given Until Jan 15 to "Share Thoughts" on New Hope-Solebury Teachers' Contract

The New Hope-Solebury School Board and administration are scheduled to begin negotiations this month with the teachers' union over a new contract for July 1.

Says the School Board: "We would like to hear from parents, students, and other members of the community about your views concerning negotiations and a new teacher’s contract. We ask that you contact us prior to January 15, 2010 to share your thoughts at our school board e-mail address: "

"Contract negotiations are necessarily conducted in private, and our Board will therefore be limited as to the specifics of public statements regarding the substance of the negotiations. However, we value your opinion, and to the extent possible, the Board will make every effort to keep the community informed about the status of negotiations."

Now sit up straight and stop mumbling, darn you!

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