Thursday, January 7, 2010

Opinion: New Hope PA Visitors Center Stripped of Historic Antiques

A 170-year-old table and other pieces of furniture were removed from the New Hope PA Visitors Center according to the Bucks County Herald so that they can be used in the expensive church New Hope's Borough Council purchased and is renovating for their new offices.

In the Herald photo above, a visitors center worker is depicted sitting on the irreplaceable artifact, apparently laughing.

It's disappointing that New Hope's Borough Council and Chamber of Commerce don't have enough faith in the native talent of our town to believe we are fully capable of promoting ourselves, and have chosen instead to pay a small marketing firm in Bensalem, PA to do it for us.

It's also disappointing to see another local news media outlet demonstrate the journalistic sensibility of Pravda.

Meanwhile, get your ass off our table.

It is the property of the taxpayers of New Hope PA.

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