Saturday, November 14, 2009

Edgy New Hope PA Clothing Store Thirteen Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

By Molly Sahner

Owners Dave and Kevin provide a unique boutique experience in their tiny bohemian shop, located at 11A West Mechanic Street in downtown New Hope PA.

I walked in to find them serving hot cider to customers on a dreary Saturday afternoon. They were busy finding the most flattering size for a customer in the dressing room, followed by an alternate style. It's much like getting dressed to hit the town in your best friend's closet, with that invaluable second opinion -- honest, but kind. Their eyes light up when the right outfit has been found and the approval is contagious among other customers in the shop. "Oh yes! That's it" everyone agrees.

But the pair offer not only fashion advice, but also an eclectic, moderately priced collection of 70s and 80s inspired hats, sunglasses, rock n' roll tees, belts and earrings hanging from every conceivable spot. Vintage toys, lunchboxes, action figures, and kitschy gifts fill every other available cranny. Co-owner Kevin handcrafts a line of headbands and hair fasteners combining colorful flowers and feathers with miniature skulls -- a la the Mexican Day Of the Dead.

Small wonder Thirteen has survived and thrived these past five years. It has a trendy but friendly boutique feel with an eclectic fashion mix -- fabulous dresses and accessories for an evening out, funky knit hats in every color of the rainbow, cute animal-inspired knit head wear and gloves, and usually an Alf or Pee Wee Herman doll peering out from the depths of the store.

Thirteen is located at 11A West Mechanic Street, New Hope PA; phone 267-266-9737 or visit

Thirteen. Another New Hope original.

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  1. Glad to know that Edgy New Hope PA Clothing Store Thirteen Celebrates Fifth Anniversary. Just gone through your the pic on your blog and found that you have large variety of gifts. It was nice going through your blog.