Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now & Then You See It, Now & Then You Don't

Sure looks like recently resurrected Dead shop Now & Then is dead again, in the fastest store shuttering in New Hope PA since the engraved soap debacle at the Historical Society's floody barn near the Playhouse.

Although store lifespans in New Hope often approach that of the average fruit fly, this one may wind up being attributed to a difference among partners.

History tells us, however, this may well not be the last we see of Now &'s a Dead store that just won't die.

Ramble on Rose.


  1. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to close the The Now and Then Shop. It was a great disappointment to me and my loyal customers. Everything is tucked away in my garage and hopefully will make a debut again. Enjoy, not just now and then but always.
    Peace, Lynn

  2. Now & Then Shop may be gone, but New Hope Funky Stuff, a spin off of Spinsters, lives on at 87 South Main Street, New Hope, PA. You'll still find tee-shirts, rock 'n roll memorabilia, hookahs, jewelry and other hippie culture items, along with a great selection of go green and all natural products. Check it out for yourself!

  3. New Hope Funky Stuff, a spin-off of Spinsters and Scatmandoo lives on at 87 South Main Street. You'll still find rock 'n roll memorabilia, a great selection of hookahs, jewelry, and hippie stuff from back in the day. Looking towards the future and creating a healthier planet, the store has added a new theme with GO GREEN and All natural product lines. Check it out!
    See you there :o)