Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shopping: Scents of the Season at New Hope PA Favorite Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam opened in New Hope PA in August, 1973 according to the company website, "the store name having been chosen over a bottle of wine. New Hope at that time had two doctor's offices on Main Street, a pharmacy, one grocery run by the mayor and his family, and a photo shop. The post office on Bridge Street was an easy walk and where local gossip was exchanged. The local bank was at the intersection of Bridge and Main. It was there that we got our business loan of $10,00 on a handshake."

Since that time, the store has become a stalwart of the area gift shop scene, featuring top name brands in paper products, specialty foods, jewelry, candles, home accessories, CDs, bath products, and an excellent selection of unisex scents, including those by L'Artisan, Jean Laporte, Santa Maria Novella and many others.

One unique line rarely seen outside of New York City or Milan is the Etro stable of beautifully crafted fragrances. Etro's Messe de Minut eau de cologne, a reputed favorite of Sandra Bernhard, has core frankincense aroma reminiscent of ancient cathedral interiors that's perfect for fall. Etro's Lemon Sorbet is one of the best citrus blends available anywhere, a clean, light scent perfect for warmer months with a lemon base and hint of basil.

L'Artisan has many gorgeous olfactory blends as well, a favorite for fall being Premier Figuier, a fig-based delight, and Voleur de Roses, a blend of patchouli and roses that remains a cold weather favorite and one of the sexiest scents on Earth.

Another Strawberry Jam standard are the large bath soaps and other products by Claus Porto of Portugal. These are large, creamy sublime bath soaps that last so long the season will change before one is half-finished. All the aromas are excellent; of special interest are Vetyver and Tobacco Flower for the fall, Red Poppy to brighten the winter months, and Honeysuckle and Citron Verbena for late spring into summer.

There's much to like at Stawberry Jam, but for the true scent hound, the place is a goldmine.

They're open all week long, 'til about 6 or 7:00 most nights, at 44 South Main Street, New Hope PA, 215-862-9251.


  1. You really capture the feeling of "old New Hope" while giving people a fresh reason to visit the New Hope of today. I've passed by Strawberry Jam countless times, but next time I will go inside and breathe deep.

  2. Strawberry Jam is a New Hope icon. Not only do they sell high quality, interesting and unusual items, but they have been consistently generous supporters of many local not-for-profit organizations.