Monday, November 2, 2009

Now and Then Shop Returns to New Hope PA

New Hope PA cultural icon Now and Then Shop is back and getting ready to celebrate its 40th year! It's just re-opened on Ney Alley steps up from the New Hope Candle Shop on South Main Street.

The place is crammed with posters, stickers, t-shirts and jewelry that reflect the Grateful Dead lifestyle. Owner Lynne Greene was in charge of the old place, too, and is a great source of local history and insight. She also still works at the Starbucks; feels those folks are treating her pretty good, too.

Partner Jessica adds dog toys, hippie artifacts and shishas to the mix, and is also a local celebrity in her own right.

The Now and Then Shop is back! Visit them on Facebook at "Now and Then Shop", New Hope Funky Stuff or 215-205-0966.

Now and Then: Another New Hope original.


  1. Now & Then may be gone for now, but New Hope Funky Stuff, a spin-off of Spinsters, lives on at 87 South Main Street in New Hope. Check it out - you'll still find a great selection of hookahs, rock 'n roll memorabilia, tee shirts, jewelry and other hippie culture items, along with a great line of GO GREEN and All Natural products.
    See you there :o)

  2. good to see Now and Then back in NewHope after they were forces to close many years back.