Friday, August 6, 2010

New Hope PA is Ice Cream Lover's Paradise

By Charlie Sahner

During the 1960s in places like Philadelphia and Central New Jersey the most exotic frozen treat around was a "neapolitan", those xeroxed squares of layered strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

When visiting Gerenser's ice cream shop in New Hope back then, I'd be astounded by exotic flavors previously unimaginable. My fave at the time: honeydew.

Today, I also like Shawn's hand made ice cream at Zoubi Food; my family buys a pint of mango flavored almost every week. And the high cream content and overall quality of the Thomas Sweet selection at the Last Temptation (pictured above at 115. S. Main St.) is awesome in all its splendid caloric excess. Most recently, I was impressed by the coffee crunch, with bits o' bean in every bite.

Dunkin' Donuts also has some frozen things, and I've heard there's good ice cream at Weenie World. There's Rita's if you like ices or their type of soft serve, and a friendly but unmemorable purveyor near the bridge.

New Hope is truly an ice cream lover's kind of town!

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