Monday, August 9, 2010

Popular New Hope Resident Living the American Dream

By Charlie Sahner

Lots of people in New Hope, PA know Memo (pronounced like the word 'memo') Quieroz.

He says he's 59, but I don't believe it, even though his hair seems to get darker with each passing year.

He's been working for a long time in New Hope, sometimes 20 hours in a row or more, and saving his money so that he could become a businessman once more, as he had been in his native Mexico. He's been a regular fixture about town, working jobs like parking lot supervisor and maintenance person in places like George Michael's Union Square and Canal Street developments, as well as the Four Seasons Mall at 32 S. Main St.

He survived some hard times in Mexico, and worked so hard here that he had a heart attack a few years ago, but bounced back, saved his pennies and has now bought the well known Planet Wear store in the Four Seasons Mall (first store on the left), renaming it "Memo Wear."

Offerings consist mainly of soccer shirts emblazoned with the national colors of various World Cup teams, t-shirts, jeans, jewelry and Lotto games. I bought one of the soccer shirts that he still carries about a year ago from the prior owner; it's held up well and seems high-quality.

Memo himself seems like a high quality guy, and living proof that the American Dream lives on in New Hope, PA.


  1. When we were last in New Hope my husband tried to get a cap (low rise not farmer style) with New Hope on it and couldn't find anything with class. Actually there was only one cap and it was - well considering New Hope's reputation as an art center - shlocky. Hopefully Memo will remedy this because it really is a shame that there are no really classy t-shirts and caps for New Hope.

  2. Congratulations to Memo. I'm delighted with his success and impressed by his hard work and can-do attitude.