Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sweet Escape in New Hope is Sensual Superstore with Personal Touch

Just another lingerie store?

Not! This multi-room space is crammed with accoutrements.

By Charlie Sahner

What had been billed by locals for months as a future "lingerie shop" at 6 W. Bridge St. turned out this week to be much, much more.

Sweet Escape is a "sensual store for women and couples," says owner Dawn Ellery.

Tastefully decorated, with an airy, inviting feeling, the store belies the adult store stereotype.

The lingerie serves as a veil, behind which are roomy display areas for oils, unguents, and what might appear to the famous cartoon character Mr. Magoo as an extensive selection of *ahem* plumbing fixtures and thermoses.  Beyond are smaller rooms, with more lingerie, a low-key selection of DVDs, and books for women and couples of all lifestyles.

So what distinguishes this shop from three others of somewhat similar ilk in New Hope?

"The store is open and romantic, dialogue is encouraged, the product mixture is good, and we're creating a more comfortable space," says Ellery.

Reigning king of fetish wear Le Chateau Exotique on West Mechanic Street won't be threatened competitively by this newcomer, but the other two must be sweating.

Ellery aims to utilize the large space for events, including those run by therapists specializing in wellness and sensuality education.  A former corporate benefits manager, she lives in Yardley with her husband and two children.

This store will be a contender.

A grand opening celebration featuring wine, cheese, and giveaways is scheduled for 6-10 p.m., Aug. 28.



  1. Great article. You only touched the surface of this up and coming store. The store keeps getting fresh merchandise and is always asking visitors for their opinions and ideas for new sensual exceiting products to display.

  2. Just visited tonight to hear a presentation by one of our local experts. The presentation was fantastic and the store is not to be missed. I came home with a bag full of excellent quality items. Thanks Debbie and Dawn.

  3. When I moved to New Hope I was pleasantly surprised to find this high quality shop to buy my toys in. Anyone can walk into this store and not feel at all the embarassment you could feel when you are going into "other" toy shops around the area. It is HIGH CLASS with employees that are as High Class and friendly as the products they sell. I make it a point to introduce all of my friends to the store! It is an important shop for couples and singles looking to enhance their bedroom (or any other place) play. Thank again for opening your store in New Hope, PA Dawn and Derek!

  4. I am a married guy, traditional in many respects, new to this, a bit curious, a bit shy, but took the leap, so to speak, and walked in to purchase some items that I reviewed on-line. Dawn welcomed me in her low-key manner, asked some good questions (such as whether I knew how a product worked and then showed me how to use it) and asked me if I was interested in anything else. I felt like I was talking to an old friend and opened up a bit about something that, quite frankly, I didn't think I would be able to talk about with a stranger. She listened and had some good suggestions, and made the experience a very good one. I think that most married couples need to keep their sex lives alive and need to talk about their interests, and Sweet Escapes help people shed their inhibitions and be true to themselves and fulfill those interests.

  5. Purchased H2O Tropical Passion Lubricant last trip into New Hope. Love the product! Vivian and Ray