Monday, August 16, 2010

Spatola's Remains King of New Hope Pizza

Louis Vanegas (foreground), co-owner of Spatola's

By Charlie Sahner

When California natives Louis and Eddie Vanegas came to New Hope via New York City some nine years ago, their goal was to make a simple living by baking a great pie of pizza.

And despite several challengers over the years, the brothers Vanegas have stayed on top, occupying an important niche in family-style, value-oriented dining.

Their secret?

"Friendly service," says Louis.  Of course, offering free delivery to New Hope, Lambertville and Solebury doesn't hurt either.

Neither does the pizza itself: traditional style, on the thin side, crispy but not crackly or cornmeal-ensconced.  It's really "Queens style," i.e. not dripping cheese, with light use of a special sauce made with two kinds of tomato.

So, what flavor of pizza to choose?   The clear neighborhood favorite is the Buffalo Chicken pie.

Overall: inexpensive, traditional pizza, along with good subs, salads, cheese steaks and wings; family-friendly.

Spatola's Pizza, 82 S. Main St., 215-862-6041.

Adam Martinez throws a pizza while Louis looks on

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