Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dining Out: Karla's Bar and Restaurant in New Hope PA

As I sat outside at Karla's Bar and Restaurant reading the lunch menu on a warm afternoon last weekend, I was happy to learn they'd won a Best of Bucks Award for 2009, and pleased to see a new, broader menu with more entres that looked intriguing. I was more surprised on closer inspection to see that they'd also lowered prices!

Let me get this straight: restaurant gets recognition, freshens up menu, and then lowers prices?

I asked manager Cynthia, "Is it me, or is this menu looking less expensive?"

"It's still tough out there," she said, referring to the overall economy. "We want to do our part for the customers."

Now, owner Louis is admittedly known more for being a shrewd, if not opportunistic businessman, than a philanthropist, but I was impressed to see this key downtown business doing something right and timely. Louis is smart, and he's a survivor.

I had a hot cider and cheddar burger, medium rare; my dining partner, the Greek salad with fresh bread. All solid. Nice view, attentive staff.

All you need at that point is Ricky behind the bar with fresh mint for Mojitos and an afternoon to kill.

Haven't seen the Locals Night menu yet; write in and let us know what you think!

Karla's is located at 5 West Mechanic Street in New Hope PA, 215-862-2612.

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