Monday, October 5, 2009

New Hope PA Profiting from Broken Parking Meters?

As local residents can attest, New Hope PA derives nearly $1 million yearly from metering and ticketing visiting drivers.

But many of those same meters appear outdated, poorly maintained and do not properly monitor parking time paid for by users, often to the Borough's advantage. The photos above are just one example: two meters on a single mounting post, one ancient and dripping condensation inside the mechanism and glass, the other digital, likewise dripping condensation inside the glass.

Having personally used the meter on the left several times over the last year, I can say that it typically takes a quarter and grants 20 minutes of parking time, might take another quarter, then on the third 25 cents does not register any additional time, averaging four quarters or $1 per hour. Remember, this is one of many malfunctioning meters, in this author's experience.

The condensation also makes the meters unreadable by users, but then again, many meters become unreadable by evening since they're unlit.

The funny thing is that many of New Hope's money-grabbing meters may be considered illegal to begin with under a state law which prohibits metering on state roads (Main Street is also State Route 32).

But never mind, New Hope will lease you a permanent parking space for approximately $1,050 per year, according to one applicant for a spot on the hill where the Borough Council is outfitting a multimillion dollar church for its new offices.

Ever been ripped off by a New Hope PA parking meter? Comment below and let us know!


  1. Well a sign and it wasn't even standing. My car was ticketed, so I searched around and found a busted up sign leaning far from where it should have been and UPSIDE DOWN, UNREADABLE.
    A No Parking sign. I had to find the police station, and the policeman did meet me back at the car and tore up the ticket when he saw the sign. But it took a lot of time and aggravation on my part, ruined my afternoon there, and I've only visited New Hope once since because of it. In my mind I crossed it off my list of places that were friendly to visitors because it made me perceive New Hope as a working ticket trap.

  2. I park in the lot next to Triumph Brewery. I notice that time on the pay machine is always slow ranging from 3 to 7 minutes. That means that if you put in a quarter for twenty minutes, you wil only get about 13-17 minutes before your time runs out. I'm sure if any business did this, there would be a serious fine. The government, however, does this with impunity.