Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Dead Store on Ney Alley in New Hope PA?

This new store just popped up out of nowhere in New Hope PA, so if anyone has any idea what it is and what they plan to sell, please let us know.

"Enchanting Creations" says it's the home of the "Now & Then"? Does that mean somebody found Max's (may he rest in peace) stash of posters, buttons, and water pipes? A store that's "home" to another store?

Is it me?

Then again, this is New Hope, so well capitalized and planned businesses with clear and informative signage are not overly common.


  1. This IS the real Deal, my Lad! This is the new store of the old owner of Now and then...of course without the glasswork! ...and Max is STILL dead, as far as I know. da Mugman

  2. Yup! Now and Then is back! hooray! "Enchanting Creations" is another business that used to share a space with the coin shop on main st...