Friday, October 23, 2009

Dining Out: Kids Not Welcome Here

The New Hope PA restaurant above not only admonishes against parking nearby and using their restrooms if one is not a patron, but also makes it pretty plain with front door signage that, frankly, "kids aren't welcome here."

In this author's opinion, a ridiculous, unfriendly, impolite manner to treat our town's visitors. Most parents are nice enough to leave strollers parked outside, but if strollers don't fit, that means wheelchairs don't fit and evacuation in a fire could be interesting.

Funny thing is, the food's not bad, but not memorable, either. The lack of hospitality leaves an impression, though.

Below, two local restaurants that are kid-friendly.


  1. Thanks for including this story. It is disheartening to see both of these signs at what had been one of my favorite restaurants in town. It is prevalent throughout New Hope and in part due to the sidewalks which are narrow enough to have you constantly risking your life by walking into the street with the two ton trucks that are almost always speeding down the road. I'm still waiting for the car/ped accident at the corner in front of the NH Visitors Center due to the angle of the curb at the intersection.

  2. this look like Martines...tisk tisk
    I'm not surprised though, she is a BITCH!