Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Must Be Fall, the Nuts and Politicians are Out Again in New Hope PA

Well, it must be fall, because leaves are falling and nuts abound as election time nears.

Four incumbents who've banded together claim to be "positive, proven leadership." I guess that's if "positive" and "responsible" means going on a real estate spending spree, including a multimillion dollar church to renovate for their new offices, a nearly half-million dollar forest path to a seldom used parking lot, and some $600,00 for an ugly, unused concrete and rock park that no one likes or uses.

And then there's the devastation of Bridge Street commerce and undermining of the local economy as exemplified by the loss of key players like the Michener Museum and Hot Plates, not to mention the short-sightedness of leaving the Delaware Canal unfilled, eliminating hundreds of parking spaces, and letting real estate developers run amok.

The opposition candidates, rumor has it it, are backed by our very own mayor and deposed Borough Council President, still stinging after the current leader's assumption via reported bloodless coup. All unsubstantiated local chatter, so we eagerly await any commentary or feedback from candidates themselves should they care to clear the record.

More opinion on this year's non-race to come in the weeks ahead.

Below, some achievements of New Hope's current Borough Council: empty Delaware Canal, empty stores:

1 comment:

  1. The Positive leadership of the current council obviously thinks empty
    store fronts is O.K. because
    Is it a good political move to put not one but
    two campaign signs in front of an empty store.
    They have positively proven that their leadership causes shop owners to leave town.
    Notice how many store fronts are vacant on Main St. in Lambertville. No its not the economy.